Bico Australia Pendant ATTICUS E280

Universal Philosophy, Ancient Wisdom

Love of wisdom. Atticus inspires us to seek

knowledge, and emphasizes the role and importance

of understanding the nature of a good life in order to pursue it.


There is a view that all seeming knowledge is less than certain. Though individuals may feel a high degree of confidence in a seeming fact, this is not the same as certain knowledge, so much as a feeling or attitude. This is often demonstrated in courts of law, sometimes years after the fact of seeming evidence. It is also demonstrated by history, in terms of strongly held beliefs that later lost credence, to be replaced by other beliefs (such as the movements of the planets, first being the activity of gods, then simply descriptions of their changing direction and circling the earth daily, and eventually an explanation {theory} suggesting that they revolve about the sun.)

Knowledge of medicine, seen centuries later also reveals that the “knowledge” was in fact knowledge of what had been said or written, and not knowledge of nature. Though we may feel that what we experience in the modern time is finally knowledge of nature, centuries in the future people may look back on what may be seen as 21st-century folly by that time, and the current day will not be considered “modern times.”

Bico Australia APACHE TEAR – Purification and Healing


Purification and Healing

As the tears of the Apaches

fell, they turned to stone

and covered the land in

forgiveness. This enduring

symbol of rebirth is a

testament to the cleansing

and healing power of hope.


The heart contains a powerful method of healing to purify your karma. We all know we cannot change the fact that we have experienced harmful thoughts, speech and actions. We can however change the potential of these occurring in the future, which could produce further suffering.

This in-depth practice is an absolute must for those of us who wish to walk our lives in a more conscious loving manner. By simply reciting their names and through their blessings we can swiftly purify even our heaviest negative actions.

We must work to deepen a state of our internal happiness; this is a gift to take away that will bring positive outcomes to your life. This will empower a state of mindfulness that plants and reaps seeds of compassion in our daily living.

Be happy…the rest will follow

Good Luck for both Giver and Receiver


Good Luck for both
Giver and Receiver

Eagle feathers, revered by
Native American healers for
their great medicinal
powers, represent duality
and tell the story of life. As a
symbol of the Great Spirit,
the eagle feather is adorned
as a gift for acts of courage,
strength and bravery.


Many Native teachings explain that Eagle is the Principle Messenger of Creator. The Eagle soared so high in the heavens that Native peoples held it in high esteem since it was so much closer to the Creator, and in turn can also see the past, present and future at a glance. The Eagle became a symbol of vision, strength and courage.

Eagle’s can see the flow of change. Eagle alerts us to the changes so that we can respond appropriately. Eagle is the great illuminator and soars above us all, sometimes out of sight to us, but never out of its own sight. Eagle sees and hears all and sits in the east on the Medicine Wheel with the direction of leadership and courage.

The Eagle is connected to both the spirit of Great Mystery and to the Earth, while seemingly doing both with ease. Eagle, therefore, is a powerful symbol of courage; that is why its feathers are such powerful tools for healing, and why there are special ceremonies for Eagle feathers. Eagle teaches us that it is okay to combine wisdom and courage — it is okay to be wise enough to know that a change needs to be made in one’s life and then finding the courage to execute the change.

This is why my Bico Eagle Feathers Pendant is very symbolic to me. It serves as a reminder when change for the better is necessary, and as the Eagle, can soar, so can we.


Guardian Dragon of Prosperity


Guardian of Prosperity

This sacred Asian beast is a
mythical ruler and a fierce
guardian of wealth and
prosperity. It is the protector
of treasures, a symbol of
royalty, and a benevolent
and wise creature.


Dragons have captured the imagination of man for the longest time.. Some theorists believe that dragon myths originated from people finding large skeletons of dinosaurs and postulating how they appeared during life. Others believe that forms of dragons still exist on earth today. The Loch Ness Monster is the primary modern example of a potential “water dragon”.

Some anthropologists believe that fire-spitting creatures are a real possibility. Animals with chambers for gases such as methane and a way to rub stones together in a large gizzard could conceivably breathe fire. Bombardier beetles, for example, spit vaporized acid out of their abdomens.

Dragons are one of the most complex and universal symbols on earth. Their popularity in contemporary literature and films seems to assure their ongoing place in literature and in the imagination of mankind.

In many cultures dragons are viewed as representing the primal forces in nature and the universe. They can alternately breathe fire, poison or ice. These abilities demonstrate that they are both creators and destroyers. Fire gives life (and sometimes death); ice and poison mete out death. Early muskets were named “dragons” due to their fire-spitting ability.


Bico Australia SEA HORSE E129 Pendant

Confidence, Grace
and Joy, Emotional
Stability With its
sleekness and beauty,
the Native American
Shamans have long held
the seahorse as a symbol
of confidence and grace.
Its ability to anchor
itself in wild waters
provides inspiration for
emotional stability and

It’s too easy to allow the powerful currents of life push us around and beat us down. A simple mistake can lead to guilt, regret, and loss of self worth.  When we spend too much time living for other people, we forget what’s really important to us. Now is the time to rekindle your inner fire, and find the strength and confidence needed to achieve all of your dreams.

There are five simple steps you can follow to build self confidence and increase your enjoyment of yourself and your interactions with others. It does not require millions of dollars or extensive therapies to build self confidence, only a commitment to practicing some simple steps to create and instill a new thinking pattern.
1. Commit to keeping a journal of your thoughts for two weeks.

This journal is a place to jot down how you feel about yourself and what situations triggered these thoughts and feelings.

This exercise will enable you to better understand your trigger thoughts and scenarios. You will see patterns that you can begin to correct or change with time. You cannot begin to change the problem areas in your way of thinking if you are not really aware of where those problem areas are.

2. Take stock of the people you spend time with and, surround yourself with people who are positive and upbeat.

The company you keep will directly influence your attitude, so why not keep company with other people who already know how to build self confidence? People who build self confidence tend to handle stressful situations more successfully, tend to be more supportive, and tend not to be petty or criticize to build themselves up.

3. Take risks. Try new things. Self confidence is cyclical in nature.

When you build self confidence this new self confidence gives you the boost to try new things, and successful completion of new tasks and goals, further increases self confidence. Make use of this cycle and begin trying new things right away to learn your strengths and see your new areas of interest.

4. Repeat positive statements about yourself that you know to be true.

Do you think you are a good listener? Remind yourself ten times daily? Are you well organized? Remind yourself that you have this trait working for you. This helps you build self confidence.

When you are aware of your strengths, you can put your weaknesses into perspective.

5. Lastly, make your mind up.

As you surround yourself with people who have self confidence and you begin to try new things, give yourself some leeway and tell yourself the confidence is there even when you do not feel it.

You will see this behavior become a pattern, and from this pattern you will build self confidence.

When you make up your mind to act like you have self confidence, you are creating an environment for you to build self confidence – let it grow and flourish.

Making your mind up to change your life and build self confidence is the first step to living a fuller life. You will see doors open and people become more receptive to you as you begin to like yourself and believe in your abilities.

Follow these steps and you will see that you are building self confidence every day.